Our Mission


We act as the main local interface to all global organizations that want to setup a technology/Business related event, project or meeting in Algeria, breaking the isolation of the country from the rest of the world.


We work closely with Algerian companies to tailor specific conferences, startup competitions and hackathons that fits their goals and helps them achieve their objectives using the latest leapfrog technologies.


We work with different local entities like governments and companies on solving their tech related problems by bridging Algerian expertise with these entities.

Why Algeria Specifically ?

Algeria is emerging as a truly viable market that is rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship. It's enabling a new generation of investors to nurture a truly unique ecosystem. And with Algerian startups using cutting-edge technologies and others receiving funding in the millions (Ride-hailing startup TemTem) and with several of Silicon Valley's leading VCs attending smart city related events in the country’s capital Algiers, we think that this is the best time that Algerian startups get exposed in global events and also that international tech experts and investors come to explore the Algerian market.

The team behind Trillio

Rounded image Mohamed Chemseddin BELKHEIR
Circle image Zemir Assia
Raised image Noureddine Metourni

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